This is a simple commandline utility to transcode OGG audio files to MP3, preserving meta info. (It shares a name with, but is unrelated to, another common ogg2mp3 script written in Perl.)

You may find this utility useful for one-off conversions or multi-directory batch operations. You still have to supply the MP3 encoder settings you want to use, but at least this script transcodes and moves the OGG metainfo tags (e.g. artist, title, etc.) into the ID3 tags of the new MP3s in one step.

Type each of the above commands, alone, at your shell prompt to determine if it's already installed on your system. Otherwise, follow the links to download and install.

Note 1: This utility is simple enough that there should be no dependency on any particular version(s) of the above tools, but your mileage may vary.

Note 2: This utility has been tested only on the Linux platform, but I see no reason why it would not also run on Windows, Mac, or anything else if you satisfy the above requirements.

Usage: ogg2mp3 [LAME_OPTIONS] FILE1 [FILE2 [FILE3 ...]]

Transcode FILE(s) from OGG to MP3. MP3s with same basename and .mp3 extension will be written to current working directory and meta info will be transferred to ID3 tags where possible.

% ogg2mp3 -B 256 --vbr-new -V 0 *.ogg (decent quality VBR)
% ogg2mp3 -m m -s 22.05 -b 56 -q 9 --lowpass 8 *.ogg (lo-fi, fast, mono CBR)


2005-07-06Darren StoneCreated. http://bitmason.com
2007-02-25Darren StoneFixed shell quote bug
2007-10-14Darren StoneMore decode/encode error trapping. Also unrecognized genre checks (LAME limitation).
2007-12-08Darren StoneCase-insensitive match on ogginfo keys. (Thanx to Owen Emmerson for the catch.)

Download: ogg2mp3 (remember to 'chmod +x ogg2mp3' if required)